Uttar Pradesh becomes a Jungle Pradesh in Yogiraj, not an encounter of Vikas Dubey, AdityanathYogi Sarkar has covered his Failures

Along with Vikas Dubey, all those evidences, evidences were also confronted which would expose the criminals, police and its guard in power. Have tried to save all those who were helpful in the development through Vikas Dubey? After all, what is the course of action against those in power whom he himself named?

Who is Vikas Dubey? 

Vikas Dubey is the notorious crook of Uttar Pradesh. STF vikas Dubey was arrested on 31 October 2017 Vikas from the Krishnanagar area of ​​Lucknow. The Kanpur police had declared a reward of 25 thousand against him. He came out of jail a few days ago.
History sheeter Vikas Dubey has more than 60 cases registered.
Vikas entered the police station in 2001 and killed BJP leader and Minister of State Santosh Shukla. He has entered the police station and killed many people including policemen. There are more than 60 cases registered on development. He has also been a Pradhan and Zilla Panchayat member.Vikas Dubey also laid the foundation stone of a road while a member of the Panchayat.
Vikas Dubey got political patronage, took the name of BJP MLA Bhagwati Sagar in the 2017 video
A big deal has come to light in the case of Vikas Dube, a history sheeter who killed eight policemen. In a 2017 video, Vikas Dubey also talked about his political connections. Vikas said that BJP MLA Bhagwati Sagar had pleaded in a murder case. At the same time, BJP MLA Sagar denied that he did not help Vikas Dubey in any way, while talking to journalists, Bhagwati Sagar gave an explanation and said that this is a lie.
The MLA said that if Vikas Dubey has taken him, then why has the police not called him for questioning. When he asked the question whether you ever lodged a complaint in this case, then he started answering roundly. Not only this, the name of BJP MLA Abhijeet Sanga from Bithur area of ​​Kanpur city was also taken. After the development of this video of Vikas Dubey 2017, one thing is clear that Vikas got political patronage. Not only this, the leaders of other party of Vikas Dubey also had to come here. He was joined on the day of the birth of the son of the brother of a Samajwadi Party leader. Whose pictures have also been revealed.
Kanpur. In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the miscreants opened indiscriminate firing on the police team that had gone to one o’clock on Thursday night. In this, 8 policemen including Circle Officer (DSP) and 3 Sub Inspectors were killed.

It is being told that the police had gone to capture the historyheater Vikas Dubey in a village in Chaubepura thana area, but his gang ambushed the police and attacked him from the roof and Vikas Dubey escaped. The crooks also looted several police weapons. On the other hand, IG Mohit Aggarwal said that after the incident, 2 colleagues of Vikas Dubey were killed in the encounter.
DGP HC Awasthi said that Rahul Tiwari of Kanpur had filed a case of attempt to murder against Vikas Dubey. The police then went to Bikaru village to nab him. In order to stop the police, the miscreants had already blocked the way from JCB etc. Suddenly firing started from the roof.

High alert … where did the police fall?

After the July 2 incident, the entire state was put on high alert. In particular, the border districts of other states were asked to be extra vigilant. Despite this, Dubey went to Noida thrice and the police could not catch him. Vikas told during interrogation on the way that after July 2, he stayed for two days at his nearest house in Shivli in Kanpur countryside. Then decided to go to Faridabad from there. He arranged for a private car and went to Faridabad via Noida.

Surrender plan in court
During this time, his car was not checked anywhere. On July 7, after his video footage from Faridabad went viral, he thought he could be caught so he went to Noida and met a lawyer. The lawyer asked him for Rs 50,000 for applying the surrender application in the court. He did not have cash, so he talked about getting the fees paid online through an acquaintance. Later he again came from Noida to Faridabad. Later, a video footage of his Noida also went viral. But despite all the blockades the police could not catch him.

Kanpur: Two people arrested for giving shelter to Vikas Dubey’s operatives

The Chaubepur Police (Kanpur) has arrested two people on charges of harboring Vikas Dubey’s henchmen. He had given shelter to the two accused in the Bikeru scandal in his house. Bilhaur CO Santosh Singh said that the accused have been identified as Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh, Om Prakash Pandey, resident of Gola temple and Anil Pandey of Sagar Tal. These wanted inmates had given shelter to criminals Shashikant Pandey and Shivam Dubey. Reports have been filed against both. He will be sent to jail after appearing in court on Saturday.
At the same time, after the Vikas Dubey’s encounter, Krishnanagar police (Lucknow) started clamping down on his younger brother Deep Prakash aka Deepak, who was absconding. In this episode, the police investigated the details of the bank accounts revealed to his wife Anjali. Details of two bank accounts were sourced from Kanpur. A bank account of Deep’s family has also been found in Lucknow. At the same time, the police has also intensified the exercise of taking his non-bailable warrant if Deep is not yet found.

Significantly, Vikas Dubey was killed in a police encounter on Friday morning. Vikas Dubey was the main accused in the murder of eight policemen on July 2 in Bikaru village in Kanpur. After this incident, a reward of 5 lakh was placed on Vikas Dubey. According to the police, Vikas Dubey tried to escape while bringing Kanpur from Ujjain. During this encounter happened and he was killed.

Richa screamed after seeing Vikas’s body, I will run the gun that killed my husband, who killed everyone will die now

You didn’t cure me by killing my husband. Now I will run the gun myself… The one who has killed the husband, who has killed… All will die. These words belong to wife Richa, who reached the funeral of Vikas Dubey in Bhairavghat on Friday. After the death of her husband, her anger was clearly seen in the police, administration and media.
While going to the funeral, the media asked him to present his side. She was enraged by this and threatened. At the same time, even at the behest of the police, his parents refused to attend Vikas’s funeral. Police did not find any claimant for the dead body long after the post-mortem of Vikas’s body.
In the evening, Dinesh Tiwari, brother-in-law of Vikas from Shivali, reached the post-mortem place and took the body in his delivery. From here, the body was taken directly to the electric crematorium in Bhairavghat. Vikas’s wife Richa, son, Mami and three other women of kinship came from Lucknow. When the media questioned Richa in connection with the murder of eight cops in Bikaru, she erupted. Shouted out loud that you all got my husband killed. Whoever did it, threatened him to suffer the same result. SP Eastern Rajkumar directed the policemen to take him away from there. After cremation of the body in about half an hour, Richa left for Lucknow in three cars with her son and aunt while three other women also left for the village.
Explain that while bringing Ujjain to Kanpur on Friday morning, Vikas was killed by the encounter by STF. The STF said that due to the sudden arrival of cow buffalo on the way, the vehicle overturned, which Vikas took advantage of and ran away snatching the pistol of SO. When the police stopped, he fired. He was shot down in retaliation.

The story of the last 12-hour journey of Vikas Dubey/ gangster

Vikas Dubey kept awake all night, confesses the names of policemen and big leaders who helped in the interrogation; It was said that there was such a big scandal in anger
Gangster Vikas answered every question asked in the journey from Ujjain to Kanpur, said- Police did not like to interfere in their work.
To know the further planning of the police, Vikas asked many times- will you send to jail ?, then said- Bail will be found in a few months or a year.
Lucknow. UP’s most wanted gangster Vikas Dubey was under tension since being caught in Ujjain on Thursday.

Vikas did not even take a nap overnight in the last 12 hours of Ujjain Sekanpur. Perhaps he had an idea that Kipolis could do something. Trusted sources say that in this journey, the UPSTF raised many questions.
There was no wrinkle on his face while answering. Vikas gave the names of more than 50 police officers and employees, who were his helpers. When the names of big leaders of Kanpur, Unnao and Lucknow were also disclosed, the people sitting together started seeing each other’s face. Vikas said with a smile on his face – Bikeru scandal happened in anger. If you send people (policemen) to jail, you will get bail in a few months or a year.
STF handed over video of Vikas’s statement to ED
Sources reveal that while returning from Ujjain to Kanpur after his arrest, Vikas Dubey has named four big businessmen, 11 MLAs, two ministers of whom he had close ties to STF. He also informed about all his assets and funding. Sources also say that the STF has also made a video of his statement, which has been handed over to the ED, only after which the ED has become active.
Police left Ujjain at 6:30 pm on ThursdayThe main accused of the Kanpur shootout and a prize money of Rs 5 lakh was caught by the guard on 9 July at Mahakal temple in Ujjain. He was interrogated by the police here for 8 hours. After that, UP STF reached Ujjain and left for Kanpur by road at around 6 pm. Police car overturned at Bhaunti, 17 km before Kanpur at 6:30 am on Friday. Vikas was also sitting in it. He was attacked and killed trying to escape.

Where the posting of which helpful policeman was also told
Vikas had revealed the names of several helpers in his confession before the encounter. It was said that more than 50 policemen have helped him till now, including the names of three additional SPs and two IPS officers. Not only this, he remembered all the names of the words and also told who is there post. Vikas named several leaders from Kanpur, Unnao and Lucknow. He also opened the secret of his irritation to the late CO Devendra Mishra. Said that CO used to talk about staying within limits. However, he wanted only his rule over his village, surrounding area and police station. He did not like the intervention of the police. Vikas had said the same during the inquiry in Ujjain. He had said that the CO called him lame. How could anyone say that to me in my area. Therefore, I had thought that I will deal with it.

Why kill other policemen?

Was irritated by CO, what was the fault of other policemen? In response to this question, Vikas expressed regret. He said that such a big scandal took place in anger, but such a big action would be done, it was not even known. He felt that his ‘special people’ would save him. On the way, he himself kept asking the policemen about what to do next. Vikas felt that the police would send him to jail. That is why he was sure that he would come out of jail on bail for a few months or a year.
12 out of 21 nominated still absconding
So far, apart from Vikas, his close Prabhat, Baua, Amar Dubey, Prem Prakash Pandey, Atul Dubey have had an encounter. Of the 21 accused in the nomination, 12 are still absconding. At the same time, 12 people have been arrested including Vinay Tiwari, SO of Choubepur and Doga KK Sharma.
On the night of July 2, 8 policemen were killed by gangster Vikas and his gang in Chaubepur police station Kebikaru village of Kanpur. The next morning, the UP police got involved in the development gang development. Vikas was arrested on Thursday as a surrender from the Mahakal temple in Ujjain. Friday, 17 km before Kanpur, Vikas killed in an encounter.

SIT constituted to investigate Vikas Dubey encounter case, report to be submitted by 31 July
The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate all aspects related to the much-talked-about murder in Kanpur Nagar.

The SIT, headed by Additional Chief Secretary Sanjay Bhusreddy, has ADG Hariram Sharma and DIG J.J. Ravindra Gaur has been named a member. The SIT will have to provide its report to the government by July 31 after conducting intensive archival and terrestrial investigation along with various points related to the incident.
The SIT will investigate the involvement of policemen along with the accused and their associates in this case. He has also been asked to provide his recommendation to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax Department to investigate the assets and sources of income of the accused and their financial helpers. According to the inquiry order, the SIT also has to investigate the reasons behind the entire incident.
He has to find out what effective action has been taken so far in the prevalent lawsuits against accused Vikas Dubey? Was the action taken to punish Vikas and his associates sufficient? What action was taken towards the cancellation of the bail of a criminal with such a detailed criminal history? Why was the bail cancellation action not taken in the case of trial number 65/2020?

The SIT has also been asked to conduct a detailed examination of the fact that how many public complaints have come against the accused Vikas Dubey and what investigation was done by the Police Station Chaubepur and other officers of the district and based on the facts found?
The state government has also directed the SIT to find out what action was taken against Vikas Dubey and his associates under the Acts like Gangster Act, Gunda Act and NSA etc. and at what level if there was negligence in taking action . Instructions have also been given to test the CDR of the last one year of Vikas Dubey and his associates and to take appropriate and strict action in case of evidence of involvement against all the policemen who came in contact with it.
Arms license issued is also under investigation
The SIT will also find out whether on the day of the incident, there was negligence in compiling information about the weapons available to the accused and their fire power. At what stage did this lapse occur and was there not enough information about it in the police station. The SIT also has to investigate this fact and identify the culprits. The government has received information that Vikas Dubey and his associates also had arms licenses. The SIT has been asked to find out who and how the arms license was given to them even after being involved in so many crimes and how they continued to keep this license and weapons even after committing the crime.
The SIT has been asked to make recommendations regarding the illegal property acquired, business and economic activities by the accused Vikas Dubey and his associates. It has also been asked to indicate that the local police committed any laxity or negligence in this case. If this has happened, what level of officials are guilty? The SIT will also find out whether the accused Vikas Dubey and his associates have illegally occupied government and non-government land. If captured, do officers also have a role in it and who are those officers? Their responsibility should also be determined. Removal of illegal possession The responsibility of the officers, if they did not remove the illegal possession, should also be determined.

22 assistants of Vikas Dubey from Lucknow to Kanpur, STF detailsHistory Sheeter Vikas Dubey, the main accused in the Bikeru case of Kanpur,

had dozens of helpers in Lucknow and Kanpur. Out of these, 22 details have been found by STF. His mobile call details have also been taken out by STF. After the Bikeru scandal, the role of these helpers is not yet revealed. However, many information about development is being gathered through them. One of these helpers is also a witness in a property purchased in Lucknow.
According to an STF official, three names of Vikas Dubey, who were caught in Faridabad and Vikas Dubey from Ujjain to Kanpur, had revealed several names. On this, a team of STF and Lucknow Police started working. It is said that two of these helpers often visited Vikas and his brother Deep Prakash’s house in Krishnanagar. Deepak Prakash’s wife Anjali along with one of these helpers used to get the documents related to the work related to Pradhani to Bikaru village. It is said that both these helpers are in contact with STF and Krishnanagar Police. On Sunday, these two can also be questioned in the STF office. STF has also obtained many information from the call detail of 12 mobile phones.

There was a separate network for every task of Vikas Dubey
The STF says that the way Vikas works was completely different. He had a separate network for every work. In the same way, even after winning the election of himself, wife and younger brother’s wife, he had formed a team of different people to work. These people used to watch the work of Tehsil, Block level. When needed, he used to contact officers in Lucknow and Kanpur. When these people could not get the work done, then Vikas used to get the work done on the basis of his reach. STF is also working on these points.

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